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Forsee Southdowns
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New for 2014:
1. Forsee Southdowns will match any monetary awards received for any ewe lambs that finish in the top 10 of the ASBA Pot of Gold Futurity Program. Ewe lambs must be Futurity Nominated and purchased through one of our online sales or at public auction to qualify.

2. Forsee Southdowns will offer one free breeding service to any youth who purchases a Southdown from us at any sale this year or private treaty. This can be done either this year as a ewe lamb or next year as a yearling.

We are not in the business just to sell sheep but are here to build relationships and be of any support that we can be with your purchases.

Dynamic Divas
Dynamic Divas
Saturday April 26th at 7:00pm
Darlington Ag Hall
Redlands Campus
El Reno, Oklahoma



Forsee Southdowns

Lot 39
Tag: Forsee E14-001
Sire: Stonehenge
Dam: Forsee "90" Daughter
Codon: QR+ NN HLC

When we were asked to bring the first Southdown to sell as a Diva we wanted to make sure we found one that exemplified that in every aspect of the word. It doesn't matter what color this one is boys, she is that good. Her mother is a 2009 model daughter that has hit every year. With Stonehenge on the top side, this one will raise you a STUD.






Forsee Southdowns Forsee Southdowns

Lot 40
Tag: Forsee E14-020
Sire: Stubby
Dam: Revelation Daughter
Codon: QR NN HLF

This stout little gal is extremely complete and will be fun to show this summer,
but one you have to get your hands on to really appreciate.




Forsee Southdowns
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