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Forsee Sedalia Consignments Forsee Sedalia Consignments
Forsee Sedalia Consignments


Champion Southdown Ewe IN Jr. Preview Show
Forsee E15-092
Sire: Forsee R13-077
Dam: Forsee E10-279 Donor Ewe

We may have lost our minds on this one but here is one that can take a program to another level. Ewes of this magnitude normally are not availble for sale. This ewe won the Jr. Show earlier this year that was held in conjunction with the National Sale. Her mother was the top selling Southdown Bred Ewe last fall bringing $5750. This ewe's full brother was Champion at the Ohio Sale last year and sold for $8000 to the University of Findlay. There are a lot of adjectives that can be used to describe one like this so I'll let you come up with your own. ***We are selling full possession, but retaining two successful flushes at the seller's expense. Call Brian for more info or questions.



Forsee Sedalia Consignments Forsee Sedalia Consignments

Forsee E16-107
February Ewe Lamb
Sire: Stonehenge
Dam: Forsee E10-144
Dam's Sire: Revelation

Stonehenge sure needs no introduction to the Southdown World and his females continue to be top notch. This one is really complete and one we like a lot.



Forsee Sedalia Consignments Forsee Sedalia Consignments

Forsee E16-172
February Ewe Lamb
Sire: Eclipse
Dam: Forsee E14-362
Dam's Sire: June

This one's mother is headed to the donor pen this year. She was the fall ewe we showed who won Reserve at the Joliet show last year. 14-362 is dammed by 11-142, Stonehenge's twin sister, and one of the cornerstones of our donor pen. 11-142 is the mother of Stoneworks and Forsee R14-309. There is a lot of good backing this one.



Forsee Sedalia Consignments Forsee Sedalia Consignments

Forsee E16-225
March Ewe Lamb
Sire: Forsee R15-099
Dam: Forsee E14-250
Dam's Sire: Chip - The '15 Supreme Ram NAILE

We had this one marked as a keeper from the get go as her mother was a class winning yearling ewe in Louisville last fall as well as the year before. 14-250's dam was the 2013 National Champion Ewe sired by Stonehenge who dammed our Jan. Show Ewe that was Jr. Champion at the Indiana Preview Show earlier this year. Show sheep galore in this one!



Forsee Sedalia Consignments Forsee Sedalia Consignments

Forsee E16-232
March Ewe Lamb
Sire: Forsee R15-066 (Forsee R05-090 X Stonehenge donor)
Dam: Forsee E14-335
Dam's Sire: Forsee R12-100

This liltte lady is oen of the reasons that we have gone back and added some "90" back in our ewe base. Her sire is our keeper ram out of the elite group of ewes we AIed to "90". His mother is a twin sister to Rampage's mother and they are out of the matriarch of our flock, who just happens to be out of Revelation's mother. The maternal side of this one is as good as it gets. She'll raise a stud buck in the near future.



Forsee Sedalia Consignments Forsee Sedalia Consignments

Forsee R16-119
February Ram Lamb
Sire: Stoneworks
Dam: Ballard Ewe
Dam's Sire: Ballard 406 x Cole

The Ballard ewes have done an outstanding job crossing on our bucks. We have thought this guy was pretty elite since the beginning. He's bred well, he's super complete - come check this guy out. The females he will make will be worth their weight in gold.



Forsee Sedalia Consignments Forsee Sedalia Consignments

Forsee R16-203
March Ram Lamb
Sire: Eclipse
Dam: Forsee E13-144
Dam's Sire: Chiseled

This guy is out of a former show ewe and he looks like he was made for the show ring as well. Eclipse sure has made an impact on our flock and his offspring are starting to leave thier mark for others as well. If you need to add some look and extension and size to your ewe flock then here is the one.





Rams For Sale!
15-138 15-138 15-138

Forsee R15-138
Sire: Forsee R13-077
Dam's Sire: Stubby

77 has sired a stable full of studs including our "14-309" and "Moneyball" for The University of Findlay.
This one with the power from our best Stubby daughter that Preston showed in market classes with a shot of size from 77,
he can make wethers, show sheep, or just a dang good set of females - the choice if yours. He reminds me a lot of Moneyball.




15-319 15-319 15-319
Forsee R15-319
Sire: Eclipse
Dam's Sire: Hired Hand 1104

This ones mother was one of the best ewe lambs that we got when we acquired the CJ Robinson flock.
We were super high on Eclipse when we got back from NAILE and opened the gate a group of ewe lambs for him to make
us some great females and we got lucky enough to get this guy in the mix. He is moderate, big ribbed and has maternal maker written all over him.

Forsee Southdowns 2016 Buyer's Programs

*With the increased number of small flocks and youth that are getting started with the breed, we are offering a new buyer's program to help build your flock, or for existing flocks to add Forsee Genetics to your stud ram arsenal. For all 2016 Sales (including farm sales) thru July 1, 2016, Forsee Southdowns is crediting 10%, of your immediate family's total purchases, toward the purchase of a ram. This credit is only good for rams sold privately off the farm and must be redeemed in 2016.

*Once again, Forsee Southdowns will match any monetary awards received for any yearling ewes, ewe lambs, or wethers that finish in the top 10 of the ASBA Pot of Gold Futurity Program. Lambs must be Futurity Nominated and purchased through one of our online sales or at public auction to qualify.

In 2015, Forsee Southdowns had 3 of the top 5 Yearling Ewes, 4 of the Top 10 Fall Ewe Lambs, 4 of the Top 11 Spring Ewe Lambs, and the 1st place wether who won the Wether Futurity worth a total of $1786. We matched the Association's Winnings and gladly paid out $2829.00 to 8 different showmen.




Forsee Southdowns
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