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November 14 - Louisville, KY

Forsee E11-253
Sire: Forsee R10-132
Dam: Forsee E10-029
Dam's Sire: Revelation
Bred to: Junior
Due Jan 8th w/ 1+




Forsee E12-126
Sire: Forsee R07-050
Dam: CJ Robinson 3230
Dam's Sire: Solid Rock
Bred To: Chiseled
Due Feb 20th w/ 1+




Stars of Louisville
November 15th - NAILE
Forsee Southdowns Forsee Southdowns Forsee Southdowns
Lot 3
Forsee E14-268
Sire: Forsee R13-077
Dam: Forsee E10-143
Dam's Sire: Revelation
This ewe is super stylish and made for the show ring.
Her mother was the 2010 Nat'l Champion Ewe.
We don't sell this type very often... take advantage of this one.
We are reserving show rights on this ewe.




Forsee Southdowns
Lot 4
Forsee E14-314
Sire: Man O' War
Dam: Forsee E13-083
Dam's Sire: Stonehenge
The first double bred Stonehenge to sell... and as you can see, we like her a lot! I mean A LOT!
Her mother is a Stonehenge daughter out of the maternal sister to "21", the 90 son we sold to Cole/Meisenheimer. Our Man O' War's were late last year, but they were worth the wait. He will make a name for himself in the years to come. This ewe has a black spot on right rear hock.




Forsee Southdowns

Lot 5
CJ Robinson 4012
Sire: Hardrock Too
Dam: Robinson 9007
We purchased the CJ Robinson flock because of the proven genetic lineage that the Robinson flock was known for throughout many flocks. We had a group of Robinson ewes the last few years and they work. This ewe exemplifies the maternal traits and muscle dimension that CJ was known for. Hardrock Too has made an impact on the Hired Hand and Jennings flocks. They will tell you the Hardrock Too females work.




Forsee Southdowns Forsee Southdowns
Lot 6
Forsee E13-239
Sire: Stonehenge
Dam: Forsee E11-277
Dam's Sire: Revelation
Bred To Forsee R14-174 (Chiseled x 11-192 - the '12 NAILE Jr. Show Grand Champion Ewe)
Ultrasound data pending
This ewe is flat good and my favorite bred ewe we are selling this year.
She is a young Stonehenge daughter that is more impressive in person than we can capture in picture.
Her hip and top shape is impressive, yet she is balanced and correct through her front end.
The stud she is bred to is going to make a huge impact on the industry in the years to come.
We have bred an elite set of ewes to him, our show yearlings, and even flushed 6 ewes to him.
This ewe is donor quality and the kind that will raise your next stud ram.




Forsee Southdowns
Lot 7
Miller E14-204
Sire: Stonehenge
Dam: Forsee E12-014
Dam's Sire: Willwerth R2132
Stonehenge daughters need no introduction.
This ewe goes back to "31" and will not only make a yearling ewe to
put in a show flock but has the maternal backing to produce for years to come.




Forsee Southdowns
Lot 8
Miller E14-345
Sire: Forsee R12-100
Dam: Miller E07-09
Dam's Sire: Forsee R04-103
This ewe is super complete and the kind I like.
Her pedigree is stacked with 4 shots of Sooner 700 and if you have followed the downers for a while,
you know the impact that ram had on the Forsee, Mapolyne, and Northern Starr Flocks.
This ewe packs the power in a very attractive package.

Forsee Southdowns
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